Location - Serifos

Serifos Island is located in the western Cyclades; it extends approximately 75 square kilometers and has a total length of beaches of about 10 kilometers. The whole island is a balcony to the Aegean Sea, with an outlook over Kithnos to the North, Siros to the Northeast, Paros to the East, Sifnos to the Southeast and Milos to the South.

The enchanting Chora is the capital town, a bunch of white houses built on an almost perpendicular rock, with windmills and stone paved pedestrian walkways, which classify it among one of the most beautiful capital towns of the Greek islands.

How to get there

Daily from Piraeus with a conventional roll-on/roll-off passenger ship in approximately 5 hours or a high-speed roll-on/roll-off passenger ship in approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Departures are only from Piraeus almost every day. For exact timetables please contact a local travel agent.


Useful Telephone Numbers
Police Station: 22810 51300
Coast Guard: 22810 51470
Local Infirmary: 22810 51202
Municipality: 22810 51210
Citizens' Service  center: 22810 52545
Water Supply and Sewerage Municipal Enterprise: 22810 79622
Kondylis agency: 22810 52135
Krinas agency: 22810 51488
Politis agency: 22810 51115
Bank:  22810 51780
P.P.C.: 22810 51320
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization: 22810 51399
Archaeological collection: 22810 52611
Folklore museum: 22810 51181
Hellenic Post: 22810 51239
Monastery of Taksiarches: 22810 51027
Association of rooms to let: 22810 51784
Association of hoteliers - professionals: 22810 51259